Purebred Toy Poodles​

Purebred Toy Poodles​

Cabarita Toys is a registered breeder of toy poodles. Black & Brown puppies are waiting to shower you with kisses!

All our toy poodles are fully vaccinated, come with pedigree papers, microchipped and well socialised. We do not sell to pet shops.

For years, people all over Australia have come to Cabarita Toys to find the perfect toy poodle to love and cherish.

Toy poodles are a perfect breed for those who live in small spaces and want to avoid many of the allergens associated with other types of dogs. Energetic and affectionate, they are a pleasure to bond with, and will never leave you lonely.
Our poodles are proof that amazing things come in small packages. Toy poodles are very intelligent and highly trainable under a dedicated owner.

Do you think a toy poodle may be right for you? If so, we recommend learning more about our litters at Cabarita Toys.

We are trustworthy, registered breeders who are passionate about our pets.

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Our Girls

We have 6 toy poodle girls at Cabarita Toys. Get a full rundown of their family history here.

Our Boys

We have 3 toy poodle boys at Cabarita Toys. Get a full rundown of their family history here.


Take a look at some of the toy poodles that have “graduated” from Cabarita Toys. Healthy, happy and excited to join new families!