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Dogs NSW Member 2100062050

Responsible, Registered Dog Breeders

Cabarita Toys understands the challenges that come with choosing a pet. The breed, particulars of the chosen breed and the source of the pet are all important. How was the animal treated in early life, and are the parents healthy?

At Cabarita Toys, we focus on a single task, which we do spectacularly well. We have been registered breeders of toy poodles for many years and we have an additional 20+ years of experience in the pet care industry.

Being a responsible, successful pet breeder is more than a business. It is a loving commitment that matters 24 hours a day, seven days per week. At Cabarita Toys, toy poodles are family members.

While toy poodles can come in a range of colours, Cabarita Toys’ poodles are exclusively black, brown and red. All litter members remain in our home with their parents until they are at minimum eight weeks of age. 

During puppyhood, Cabarita Toys makes it a special mission to help raise a great companion. Our puppies arrive at their new homes well socialised, with a strong foundation for continuing training.

Additionally, all puppies possess pedigree papers and are properly dewormed and vaccinated. Veterinary check-ups and microchipping also occur at six weeks.

Those familiar with many breeds may be concerned about the risk of progressive retinal atrophy, known as PRA. Cabarita puppies are not at genetic risk for PRA, thanks to their parentage.

Cabarita Toys is with new owner and puppy every step of the way. We are always available for care instructions and advice and stay in touch with many of our extended canine family after a sale.

Ready to welcome a bright, fun and loyal companion into your life? Find the perfect fit with the toy poodles from Cabarita Toys.